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Closer than expected


Closer than expected

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very into charts about naps
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very into charts about naps

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The Western arrogance of feeling that it has everything to teach others and nothing to learn from them is not just.

Martin Luther King Jr., “Why I am Opposed to the War in Vietnam,” 1967

the MLK that’s never quoted; real reasons why he was assassinated

17 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes You Never Hear

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Anonymous whispered,

khelama B )


i guess it’s with the holding meme so:

  1. The umbrella, when it rains: Alma because Khell keeps hitting her with it on the head on purpose.
  2. The popcorn at the cinema: Khell, because Alma is not a big fan of popcorn.
  3. The baby, when it cries: Alma, and I’m pretty sure that she’s not putting it down until the kid is taller than her, crying or not.
  4. The ice cream cone, when they share: They both do since they both know that otherwise that ice cream would end in their faces.
  5. The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie: Khell.
  6. The basket, when they go shopping: Probably they pick the cart and end up crashing against some fruit stand because they’re still 5 five years old.
  7. The door, on dates: Both, Alma because of Khell’s ass, and Khell because it’s funny seeing Alma hit her head with the doorframe.
  8. The other’s hand, most often: They wrestle a lot, does that count as hand holding?
  9. Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day: Alma does because Khell changed his body to the tall fat guy (can’t remember his name srry) without telling anyone and if she opens her mouth she’s sure that they will get kicked out of the place.
  10. The camera, when they take pictures together: Alma because her arms are longer and by doing so she can appear in the picture because if Khell does the only thing that you’ll see is from her chest down.

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Petting a marshmallow [x]

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bunny eating raspberries


being an introvert is really hard because there is no polite way to tell someone that you’re in a bad mood because you’re exhausted from socializing.

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